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1.25G Network Card, Dual RJ45 port, X1 Lane, Compare to Intel E1G42ET

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1.25G Network Card, Dual RJ45 port, X1 Lane, Compare to Intel E1G42ET

SKU: 82576-GE-2T-X1 SKU1: 82576-GE-2T-X1

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  • Model: 82576-GE-2T-X1
  • CPN: 82576-GE-2T-X1
  • Lsku: NGE8276-2T-X11
● Controller(s): Intel 82576
● Dual Port 10/100/1000Mbps adapters
● RJ45 Connectivity
● PCIe 1.0a (2.5GT/s), x1 Lane
● Compatible with x4, x8, and x16 standard
● Connector & Cable Medium: RJ-45 Category-5, up to 100 m
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10Gtek's 82576-GE-2T-X1 is a PCI Express x1 10/100/1000Mbps Dual RJ45 Port Ethernet adapter based on Intel 82576 chipset, compatible with PCIex4, x8, x16 lane. The adapter is mainly designed for Industrial Control, and the performance is optimized, so that the system I / O is no longer the bottleneck of high-end network applications .The adapter has integrated hardware acceleration to perform TCP / UDP / IP checksum offload and TCP segmentation tasks. Host processing technology can sub-load accelerator, release CPU resources occupied to free up more CPU resources to handle with other applications. The adapter is based on Intel 82576EB Gigabit Ethernet MAC PHY (Media access Controller and physical Interface Transceiver) dual port controller.

  • iSCSI remote boot support
  • Load balancing on multiple CPUs
  • Support for most network operating systems (NOS)
  • Intel PROSet Utility for Windows Device Manager
  • RoHS-compliant3
  • Technical Parameters:
    Transmission rate per port 10/100/1000Mbps
    Controller Intel 82576
    # of Ports  Dual
    Speed & Slot Width 2.5 GT/s, x1 Lane
    System Interface Type PCIe v1.0a (2.5 GT/s)
    Cable Medium Copper
    Cabling Type Category-5 up to 100m
    Bracket Height Low Profile
    Network Virtualization VMDq,VLAN
    Operating System Support

    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Windows Vista 32-bit (64-bit)
    Windows 7 32-bit (64-bit)
    Windows 8 32-bit (64-bit)
    Windows Server 2003 32-bit (64-bit)
    Windows Server 2008 32-bit (64-bit)
    Windows Server 2008 R2 32-bit (64-bit)
    Windows Server 2012 R2 32-bit (64-bit)
    Novell Netware 5.x、6.x
    Linux kernel version 2.6.x,3.x or greater (x86_64) (w/ SRIOV support)
    FreeBSD 7.x or laster
    Novell ODI
    OS 8 or laster
    SCO Open Server
    UnixWare / OpenUnix 8
    Sun Solaris x86
    OS Independent
    Vmware ESX
    (Does not support VMware ESXi 7.0 or above.)

    Part Number  Compare to Speed Controller(s) Port number Port typer
    5751-GE-1T-X1 Broadcom BCM5751 1.25G BCM5751 1 RJ-45 Port
    I210-GE-1T-X1 Intel I210-T1 1.25G Intel I210 1 RJ-45 Port
    I350-GE-2S-X4 Intel I350-F2 1.25G Intel I350-AM2
    2 SFP Port
    I350-GE-2T-X4 Intel I350-T2 1.25G Intel I350-AM2 2 RJ-45 Port
    I350-GE-4S-X4 Intel I350-F4 1.25G Intel I350 4 SFP Port
    I350-GE-4T-X4 Intel I350-T4 1.25G Intel I350-AM4 4 RJ-45 Port
    82576-GE-2S-X4 Intel E1G42EF 1.25G Intel 82576EB 2 SFP Port
    82576-GE-2T-X4 Intel E1G42ET 1.25G Intel 82576 2 RJ-45 Port
    82580-GE-2T-X4 Intel I340-T2 1.25G Intel 82580 2 RJ-45 Port
    82580EB-GE-4S-X4 Intel I340-F4 1.25G Intel 82580EB 4 SFP Port
    82576-GE-2T-X1 Intel 82576 1.25G Intel 82576 2 RJ-45 Port
    82574-GE-1T-X1 Intel 82574L 1.25G Intel 82574L 1 RJ-45 Port

    1.25G NIC

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    1.25G Network Card, Dual RJ45 port, X1 Lane, Compare to Intel E1G42ET
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